Oh, hello and welcome 🚀

OhDiary helps you write your life log. It's quite easy, really. You will receive an email every day at a specific time and you reply back to that mail with whatever happened in your day.

Use OhDiary to write a letter to your future self 👀. Your life logs memories will be sent back to you one, three or even five years later.

This sounds awesome and I want to join now! How?

Simply sign up and I will send you an e-mail with more instructions on how to get started with your own diary.

Students sends emails to their future selves

Teachers! Ask your students to write an email in the beginning of the school year and observe them when they receive it one year later. A great way of talking about life goals.

I am not really convinced. Do you have any testimonials?

Really glad you asked. I have lots of happy users appreciating this free service

  • I love that it's you who decide how much you want to write. No need to write four pages of diary for the day, if you only want to state you have been lying in your bed all day watching Stranger Things.
    -- Wife
  • OhDiary helps me keep a personal diary about what's going on in my life. Especially how much I enjoy my grandkids. I appreciate the daily mail allowing me to very quickly reply back with whatever happended that day.
    -- Mom


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