Writing a diary

Diaries are a wonderful thing -- allowing you to discuss your emotions, record dreams or ideas, and reflect on daily life in a safe, private space. While there's no single, definitive way to write a diary, there are some basic tricks you can use to get the most out of your writing. If you aren't sure what to write about, using prompts like inspirational quotes can help get started on new entries.

But how can I write diary? Glad you asked .. here are some ideas about what to write in your personal diary. It's easy to get started with an online diary using OhDiary.

Write about events of your day

Think about everything that happened that day and record any highlights or feelings that stand out to you. Even if you had a pretty standard day, you might be surprised by deeper thoughts and feelings that come up as you write down details about your personal day.
Feel free to veer off into any topic you want as you're writing about the day's events.
For example, you could write about the English exam you took at school that day. Are you feeling good about the exam? Do you wish you had studied more? Are you nervous to receive your grade?

Contemplate future goals and how to achieve them

Make a list of your short-term and long-term goals. Then, go through each item on the list and write in detail about your plan to accomplish the goal. Breaking each goal up into smaller tasks that you can work on can make your goals feel less overwhelming.

Jot down current feelings or mood

Don't worry about providing any context for your emotions, just focus on accurately describing what they are. You can then use those feelings and thoughts as prompts for creating detailed diary entries. Work on one thought or emotion at a time and explore it as fully as you can.

Write down inspirational quotes and what they mean to you

Inspirational quotes can come from anywhere—a famous person, your favorite book or movie, or even a friend or a family member. Any quote you find inspiring is a great starting point. Record the quote in your diary and note where it came from. Then, explain what it means to you in your own words.

Explore your favorite subjects or hobbies in-depth

Make a list of topics that you love or your favorite hobbies. You might love movies, sports, food, travel, art, or fashion. The subjects can be anything you want, as long as they interest and inspire you. Then, choose one item from the list and create a diary entry about it.

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